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Towards Employment
Cleveland, OH, USA
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Towards Employment
Cleveland, OH, USA


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Posted July 31st

Remote Work Call

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We are looking for advice on virtual classroom platforms. We are currently using Google Classroom and would like insight on strategy and best practices.

Additional Context

Our job readiness training workshops have now gone virtual. We have been operating on Google Classroom (where our content and assignments are hosted), but when it comes time to live teach the lessons we have been moving to Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Not all of our participants are tech savvy and the switching back and forth can sometimes be confusing for them. We are looking to keep everything in one place, simplify our process, and cut down on confusion. We would love to speak to someone who has experience with teaching in a virtual environment and can help us do the research to find the optimal platform for adult learners.

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Towards Employment
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Adaora S.

Director, Development and Marketing

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Towards Employment empowers individuals to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency through employment. We connect people to careers - helping people prepare, get, and keep a job; and then advance - so we change people's lives, advance businesses, and strengthen community. We:
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