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We believe people are truly fulfilled when they can leverage their unique gifts and talents to benefit others. Stand Together Foundation provides an opportunity to connect skilled professionals like you with inspiring organizations that are helping individuals break the cycle of poverty. Use your uniqueness for good and unleash your specific talents to help some of the nation’s most impactful nonprofits.

These organizations are catalyzing meaningful, lasting change in individuals and communities, but many lack the professional services that are essential to improving their effectiveness and impact.

By volunteering your unique skills and talents for a project, you are giving more than just your time. You are directly helping organizations with a social mission grow their impact and transform more lives.

How It Works

Support a Catalyst driving the change you care about in communities. With 120+ project types, you are sure to find an opportunity to make a difference that matches your skills and availability.
1. Browse
Explore projects and questions posted by Stand Together Catalysts based on your skills and the causes you care about.
2. Apply
Submit your application and resume to let the Catalyst organization know you are interested.
3. Match
When you and the organization decide it's a good fit, start working together!
Two ways to share your skills!
Consultation Calls
Consultation Calls
Get on the phone with a nonprofit to help answer burning questions, brainstorm organizational challenges, or give feedback.
Work with a nonprofit to complete critical projects such as graphic design, website development, copywriting, database customization, and more.

How Do You Want to Give Back?

Find projects that match your skills and interest areas

About Stand Together Foundation

Stand Together Foundation partners with organizations working to break the cycle of poverty by providing resources and coaching that help them increase their effectiveness and impact. Stand Together Foundation's partner organizations, or Catalysts, bring innovative, effective approaches to communities, respect the dignity of the individual, and unleash the innate, untapped potential of people to help them improve their own lives and benefit others.

From workforce development, supplemental education, mentoring, financial empowerment, entrepreneurship, reentry, homelessness recovery, mental health programs, and more, Stand Together Foundation's Catalysts provide solutions to the core drivers of poverty.

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