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See how Sylvie C. helped Hot Bread Kitchen on a Translation project

Wai C
Wai C.
Workforce Team
Sylvie C
Sylvie C.
Matched on
Jun 23, 2020
Hours Given
30 Hours
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What did Hot Bread Kitchen need?

Sylvie helped Hot Bread Kitchen reach volunteers, beneficiaries, and supporters who speak a different language by translating their communications materials.

Why is this project important?

This project will allow us to connect better to our members that speak French as their primary language, thereby giving them an opportunity to take advantage of a safe financial service.

This project will save us $7,098, allowing us to spend less time with the mechanics of setting up a service and help the person to connect to all the services that they need, such as social services, food assistance, unemployment assistance.

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Wai C
Wai C.
Workforce Team
Final Product
Written Materials
Cause Areas
Women's Issues
Diversity & Inclusion
Employment Services
Hot Bread Kitchen
Brooklyn, New York, USA

What did Sylvie have to offer?

Freelance English to French translator. I am French and I studied English as a Second Language in Paris. I have now been living in the States for 20 years where I taught French as a Second Language. I, therefore, have a good command of both English and French as well as a good understanding of both cultures.

I am also a certified ESL teacher and have been tutoring adults and children for 11 years.

  • Experience as a translator and copy editor
  • Proficient in English and the desired language of the Organization
Sylvie C
Sylvie C.
Nashville, TN, USA

What did they have to say?

Working with Sylvie was a great experience. She communicated with me and returned the translated document in a short amount of time. She also went the extra mile by copying the color and type of the design of the flyer.

Wai C

Wai C.

Workforce Team

About Hot Bread Kitchen

Hot Bread Kitchen's Mission is to create economic opportunity through careers in food.
Fun Fact

Fun Fact

This is the 4th project posted by Hot Bread Kitchen.

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